Boston Rhythmic invites you to join us for our 20th Anniversary Shows

June 18-19 2022

Angier Elementary School Gymnasium 1697 Beacon St, Newton

Seven shows spread during the weekend of June 18-19 celebrating the beauty of our sport, Rhythmic Gymnastics, the diversity of our wonderful community of gymnasts, parents, coaches and fans and twenty years of growth and accomplishments!

Show address:  Angier Elementary School gymnasium, 1697 Beacon St Newton MA

Saturday June 18, 2022 10-11am (gymnasts arrive at 9am)

Finland, Veronika's level 4-6 Team

Africa,Veronika's Tue/Fri Class

Norway, Barbara/Ada Tue 4pm & 4:45pm, Thu 5:30pm

Egypt, Barbara/Smaranda's Mon 6:30pm Class

Spain, Barbara/Smaranda's Fri 5pm Class

Colombia, Barbara/Smaranda's Wed 5:30pm Class

Colombia, Barbara/Smaranda's Wed 6:30pm Class

Brasil, Barbara/Smaranda's Mon 5:30pm Class

USA, Emily's Sat 12:30pm class

Norway, Barbara/Smaranda's Thu 5:30pm Class

All countries, Ada's Tue 4pm Class

Saturday June 18, 2022 1-2pm (gymnasts arrive at 12pm)

Ukraine, Masha's Level 3 Team

Spain, Iliana's Xcel BCD Team

Thailand, Kyla's Mon 5:30pm Class

Iran, Lauren's Sat 1pm Class

Sweeden, Nastia's Sun 10am Class

Mexico, Kyla's Wed 4pm Class

Egypt, Dina's Mon 3pm Class

Australia, Tanya's Sun 3pm Class

Kenya, Nastia's Sat 9am Class

USA, Tanya's Sun 4:15 Class

Saturday June 18, 2022 4-5pm (gymnasts arrive at 3pm)

Brazil, Masha's level 4 Team

USA, Dina's Mon/Sat Class

Thailand, Kyla's Sun 4:30pm Class

Spain, Ilana's sun 4:30pm Class

Italy, Tanya's Sun 5:15pm Class

France, Lydia's Sat 9am Class

Madagascar, Lauren's Sat 2pm Class

Hawaii, Lauren's Sat 3pm Class

Colombia, Nastia's Sun 10am Class

Brazil, Kyla's Mon & Wed 10am Class

Turkey , Dina's Wed 7:30pm Class

Saturday June 18, 2022 7-8pm (gymnasts arrive at 6pm)

France, Lydia's Level 5-6-7 Team

Lebanon, Dina's Wed/Sat Class

USA, Masha's Tue/Fri Class

Hawaii, Nastia's Fri 4pm Class

China, Lauren's Sat 4pm Class

Dominican Republic, Tanya's Sun 2pm Class

Mexico, Kyla's Sun 3:30pm Class

South Africa, Iliana's Fri 3:30pm Class

Italy, Tanya's Sun 9am Class

Sunday June 19, 2022 11am-12pm (gymnasts arrive at 10am)

USA, Tanya's Boys Class

Italy, Veronika's Mon/Wed Class

India, Ada's Tue 5:45pm Class

Hungary, Smaranda's Mon 5pm Class

Egypt, Barbara/Smaranda's Wed 4pm Class

Guinea, Emily's Sat 11am Class - Guinea

Colombia, Barbara/Ada's Sat 10am Class

Brazil, Barbara/Smaranda's Fri 4pm Class

USA, Veronika's Level 3 Team

Norway , Barbara/Ada's Sat 9am Class

Sunday June 19, 2022 2-3pm (gymnasts arrive at 1pm)

Egypt, Dina's Thu/Sat Class

South Africa, Iliana's Wed 7:30pm Class

India, Masha's Tue 7:30pm Class

Puerto Rico, Lauren's Fri 7pm Class

South Africa, Iliana's Thu 3:30pm Class

Mexico, Kyla's Wed 6pm Class

Italy, Tanya's Sun 11:30am Class

USA, Lydia's Sat 10am Class

Kenya, Nastia's Sun 9am Class

Norway, Haley's Sun 10am Class

Sunday June 19, 2022 5-6pm (gymnasts arrive at 4pm)

India, Dina's Wed/Fri Class

China, Masha's Mon/Sat Class

Italy, Iliana's Level 7-8 Class

South Africa, Iliana's Tue 3:30pm Class

Moldova, Lydia's Sat 11am Class

USA, Kyla's Wed 1pm Class

Ireland, Tanya's Sun 10am Class

Brazil, Kyla's Mon/Wed 11am & 3pm Class

Turkey, Dina's Wed 7:30pm Class