Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes for Adults

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​Do you want to learn to do a split, a handstand or a bridge? Do you want to get into better shape, in a fun and unique way? You’ve come to the right place – anyone can improve their flexibility and strength with the guidance of our experienced coaches!

With the same techniques used by Russian and Ukrainian national champions, we will lead you through exercises that gently elongate your muscles and improve range of motion – all using your own body weight in order to safely stretch past your own limits. Flexibility improvement takes patience and perseverance, therefore we recommend you take this class twice per week, for a minimum of one month. For maximum results, we encourage our students to do their stretches daily.

Students will also improve core, leg, and arm strength using exercises that only require your own body weight – no bands, weights, or other props needed! At the end of the class, we will add in some ball handling, to improve your coordination and also, to have some fun!

Over time, you will notice improved confidence,  poise and grace,  flexibility and strength and you will learn lots of cool skills to impress your friends!

Sample Skills Learned:

  • Splits and oversplits
  • Bridges
  • Chest Stands
  • Wall stretches
  • Quad and back flexibility 
  • Toe/ankle stretches
  • Core, leg, and arm strength
  • Coordination using a ball, hoop or ribbon
  • And more..

Equipment Needed:

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