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    NEWSLETTER September 21, 2020 Volume I, No. 0009 Dear Friends, Now that all of our programs are well underway and more than 350 kids are happily practicing both in gym and in our remote programs, I'd like to take a moment to welcome everyone again to our school! It's a challenging year for everyone, but … Read more
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    NEWSLETTER September 15, 2020 Volume I, No. 0008 My Rhythmic Journey … One of my greatest pleasures running this business is meeting our new families, getting to know you and sharing with you a bit about my Rhythmic journey… Surprisingly, I am a math teacher by education. I did not grow up doing gymnastics, although … Read more
  • My Rhythmic Journey …
    One of my greatest pleasures running this business is meeting our new families,  getting to know you and sharing with you a bit about my Rhythmic journey…  Surprisingly, I am a math teacher by education. I did not grow up doing gymnastics, although I am Romanian and I'm from Nadia Comaneci generation.  My name is Smaranda Albeck … Read more

What our lovely customers say about Boston Rhythmic:

I would like to applaud Boston Rhythmic for setting up on-line classes so quickly and efficiently for the girls! This has made a huge difference in their daily routines during quarantine!

I appreciate this is a very difficult time for you and all other coaches given these online-class-format was never tried before. Thank you for putting in extra efforts to organize all of these classes! Believe it or not, I feel that girls are more focused during the online classes than when they were in gym (because they can’t chat with each other during the class time anymore!)

Thank you again for arranging those virtual classes, we know they aren’t easy and there’s a lot of roadblocks. We appreciate it!

[Our daughter’s] instructor Sophia has been as energetic as always during the online classes, and it has been wonderful to see our friends on video!

Many thanks for your quick re-adjustments in delivering classes to our kids at this difficult time! Thank you for your inspirational messages to the trainees and their parents! We greatly appreciate your hard work!

I just want to say: THANK YOU all so much for acting so swiftly to get the online program up and running, so kids can have some sense of normal routine/life to help them and us cope with the current situation. As long as we can, happy to continue paying the tuition to help the gym get through this difficult time. United we stand!

We consider it such a blessing that we happened to discover Boston Rhythmic just before the covid shutdown. It has been the absolute highlight of our daughter’s (and our) time at home over the last few months and we cannot thank you and your staff enough for this.

Thanks so much for your prompt response and making quick decisions. we really appreciate you put the safety of the children and family as top priority! Together we can get through this.​