Keep your child engaged and entertained during this school break!

Join February Vacation Camp

Feb 19 - Feb 23, 8:30-3:30 - Waltham, Hyde Park & Westborough -
Ages 4-12yo

Learn new skills, give free rein to your energy, meet new friends and make incredible memories with the best gymnastics school in Boston!

Fun, Challenging, Screen-Free

Every Day Is A New Adventure At Boston Rhythmic's Camps

Aerial Arts

Learn how to fly and perform exciting tricks in the air.

Circus Arts

Find out how to create hypnotizing illusions with rings and other juggling props.


Get a chance to try a delightful ballet experience and challenge your coordination, flexibility and musicality.

Dances & Stretching

Recharging daily routine where children will try different dance techniques, boost their flexibility and learn cool movements they will be proud of!

Obstacle Course

High-energy games where children will compete in teams or go through our exciting obstacle course.


A perfect opportunity to start mastering acrobatic tricks under the guidance of our inspiring coaches! Kids will be impressed of what they are capable of!

Arts & Crafts

Children will express their creativity and create beautiful crafts on different themes to take home.

Exercises With Props

Various props such as balls, ribbons, hoops, slides, a parachute, and even a trampoline for extra joy.


We invite guests and organise workshops on hip hop, ballet, parkour, illusion rings and even aerial lyra.

This amazing program will take place on Feb 19-23 at our Waltham, Hyde Park and Westborough gyms!

Don't miss this inspiring event - book one day or the whole week!

Full week tuition - $525 Feb 19 - Feb 23, 8:30-3:30

Camp's Special Guests

Each camp, we invite inspiring guests to our gyms to teach kids new and truly spectacular skills! This week, we will spend a day with real circus performers that have prepared amazing workshops on Aerial Lyra and Illusion Rings! Look behind the scenes of a circus show, learn how to fly and captipate everyone with your circus magic!

And this is only beginning! From Feb 19 to Feb 23, many other inspiring coaches will visit with their workshops for hip hop, ballet and even parkour!

Make This February Break One To Remember!

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Event host

Boston Rhythmic Waltham, 16 Pine St
Boston Rhythmic Hyde Park, 1 Westinghouse Plaza
Boston Rhythmic Westborough, 290 Turnpike Rd

Boston Rhythmic has a 20-year tradition of hosting engaging and educative camps with hundreds of 5-star reviews from parents and kids in Boston