Competition Results

The US Rhythmic Gymnastics competitive season goes from December to July, every academic year.  Our teams participate in more than 30 competitions each season at local,  national and international level.  Most competition results are recorded on KSIS at:

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Some of our most notable international results:

  • 2005: Ada Moisescu (Salie) Eurygym Cup, Verviers, Belgium: 7th place ribbon 
  • 2005: Ada Moisescu (Salie) Seville, Spain: 2nd place AA
  • 2008: Yudit Bolotovskaya, Seville, Spain: 6th place AA
  • 2013: Anya Zhang, Seville, Spain: 4th place AA, 2nd place hoop.
  • 2013: Amanda Wang, Seville, Spain: 1st place AA, rope, floor and hoop.
  • 2018: Gemma Gow, Roseti Degli Abruzzi Cup, Italy: 2nd place AA, 1st placeribbon, 2nd place ball 
  • 2018: Mya Tam, Roseti Degli Abruzzi Cup, Italy: 3rd place AA, 2nd place clubs and ribbon.
  • 2018: Mya Tam, Luxembourg Cup: 2nd place AA, 1st place clubs and 2nd place rope.
  • 2019: Gemma Gow, Slovenia: 1st place AA, 1st place rope, 2and place ball and clubs.
  • 2019: Mya Tam, Poland: 1st place AA and clubs and 2nd place ball
  • 2019: Gemma Gow, Poland: 2nd place AA, 1st place ribbon and 2nd place ball.
  • 2020: Gemma Gow, Miss Valentine Estonia: 2nd place AA, clubs, rope and ball, 3rd place ribbon.
  • 2020: Gemma Gow, Tart cup, Czech Republic: 5th place AA, 2nd place clubs. 
  • 2021: Angie Palermo two golds and a silver at Cupa Sperantei, Romania
  • 2021: Allie Khazan gold at three different international invitational events (France, Romania and Czech Republic)