Our Story

Boston Rhythmic is the sister school of Rhythmic Dreams, which was founded in 2002 by executive director Smaranda Albeck. Boston Rhythmic Watertown was founded in July 2015 and opened in February  2016. Boston Rhythmic Westborough was opened one year later, in February 2018.

We are the largest school on the east coast, but in our hearts, we are still a tight-knit family business. Our staff are like family, our clients are like friends.

We care about personal connection, and strive to build real community.

Smaranda an MIT Business School graduate, quit her consulting job in 2001 with the crazy idea to start a rhythmic gymnastics school for her daughter Ada to train in. In 2002, Rhythmic Dreams was born, with 10 young eager girls and one coach.

…years passed… 

Under the expert coaching of Ionela Bobrischew, Ada continued on to make the USA National Team in 2006, and is now the head coach at Boston Rhythmic Watertown, where she leads a team of over 30 gymnasts and oversees operations of our largest location. Smaranda’s older son, Victor, is chief operating officer, and Smaranda’s younger son Henry is one of the founding members of our boys’ program. Since their inception, Boston Rhythmic and Rhythmic Dreams have grown to be the largest and most innovative rhythmic gymnastics schools on the east coast. We have three state-of-the-art gyms where classes are held every day of the week, and are proud to serve over 500 students.

…we care about gymnastics for everyone…

From preschool classes to high-level competitive gymnastics, we have a place for everyone to come and enjoy the beautiful sport of rhythmic gymnastics in a fun and productive environment, under the guidance of creative, happy coaches. 

The Boston Rhythmic and Rhythmic Dreams vision is based on innovation, outside the box thinking, and top notch training. We strive to offer the best experience possible for each gymnast in our school. We want your gymnast to grow in confidence, learn things they have never tried before, and leave our gyms proud. 

…some fun facts about us…

  • Rhythmic Dreams, under the dedicated coaching of Ionela Bobrishchew, has produced 4 USA National Team Members, and 7 Level 10 gymnasts. 
  • Rhythmic Dreams was the first private club in the USA to have an FIG competitive group (the highest level)
  • Boston Rhythmic was the first gym in the country to introduce boys rhythmic gymnastics (which originates from Japan), in the USA in 2018. We have brought multiple champions from Japan to teach our programs, and have introduced men’s rhythmic to the Xcel competitive program
  • Boston Rhythmic has the largest Xcel Team in the USA (over 150 gymnasts!) 
  • Boston Rhythmic is proud to serve over 500 students in our three facilities

…and the story continues online… 

In March 2020, in response to COVID-19, Boston Rhythmic opened an online subdivision called Remote Rhythmics. We are so excited for the opportunity to make rhythmic gymnastics global in this digital age and bring our joy and passion to children all over the globe! Stay tuned for even more developments… our gyms may be closed, but our story doesn’t end here.