Our Staff

Our 30+ professional and recreational coaches are very passionate about the work they do. You will feel this every step of the way and in all your interactions with us! Our proprietary training system ensures that everyone is prepared to deliver high quality and value to our students. Below you can find the profiles of our main staff (click on the name for details).


Smaranda Albeck

Founder and Executive Director

I love watching our coaches gently mold the character of our students,  guiding them and empowering them to reach beyond what they think is possible.

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Corina Palermo

Customer Relations

I truly believe we are making the world a better place with our work. These kids grow up to be better people, with stronger character, be better parents.

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Head Coaches

Iliana Milanova

Head Coach

I chose to be a coach because I love it and I want to pass on my experiences to the younger generation, and help them fulfill their dreams the way I did mine.

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Lydia Roy

JO Team Coach

My goal is to make kids strive in the sport of gymnastics, overcoming all the physical and mental obstacles. I believe that experience can not only increase confidence and help in achieving their life goals, but also instill the same love for the sport and dedication to try to be your best, as it had in me.

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Masha Kozhushko

Xcel Team Coach

Seeing my girls’ excitement when they reach new skills, their love of the sport, the connections they have inside the team is what I love most about being a coach.

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Victor Moisescu

Boys Program Coach

My first and foremost goal as a coach is to develop a can-do attitude in each of my students. With the right mindset, anything is possible!

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Kyla Sullivan

Rising Stars Coach

I love incorporating an element of fun, and giving the option of a challenge during my classes so my students are aware there is something for everyone while in class.

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Leila Smith

Rising Stars Coach

I bring a ‘high-vibe’ energy to everything I do, including coaching people of all ages. I love seeing my students, big or small, succeed through working hard, and having fun! 

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