The Rhythmic Dreams Elite Level Team has been coached since 2002 by Ionela Bobrischew, former Junior National Champion of Romania. Our elite team trains 6 days a week, for a total of 20-30 hours per week. Our team members routinely get selected for prestigious national camps, and win titles at state, regional, national, and international competitions. Ionela is world-renowned for her creative choreography, high dexterity with apparatus, and innovative and very effective coaching style.


2020-2021 Rhythmic Dreams Rhythmic Gymnastics Elite Team

Head Coach: Ionela Bobrischew

  • Mya Tam – US Senior National Team
  • Gemma Gow – US Junior National Team
  • Hanna Lai – Level 10 Senior
  • Zoe Anderson – Level 9 Junior
  • Lauren Cao – Level 9 Junior
  • Isa de Saint-Aignan – Level 9 Junior
  • Jessica Kim – Level 9 Junior
  • Chloe Lee – Level 9 Junior
  • Deven Tam – Level 9 Junior
  • Ashley Wang – Level 9 Junior
  • Emma Xiao – Level 9 Junior

To enquire about opportunities to join our Elite team training,  please email a competitive resume to info@bostonrhythmic.com and a video of your competitive routine.

Elite members of other teams are welcome to join us for master classes and open elite classes. 

Rhythmic Dreams is the home of 4 National team members so far, who have successfully represented the USA in international tournaments. 

Here are some of the Notable International Results of our Elite Gymnasts. You can enjoy many of these routines on YouTube with a quick search by name, year and competition name.

  • 2005: Ada Moisescu (Salie) Eurygym Cup, Verviers, Belgium: 7th place ribbon 
  • 2005: Ada Moisescu (Salie) Seville, Spain: 2nd place AA
  • 2008: Yudit Bolotovskaya, Seville, Spain: 6th place AA
  • 2013: Anya Zhang, Seville, Spain: 4th place AA, 2nd place hoop.
  • 2013: Amanda Wang, Seville, Spain: 1st place AA, rope, floor and hoop.
  • 2018: Gemma Gow, Roseti Degli Abruzzi Cup, Italy: 2nd place AA, 1st placeribbon, 2nd place ball 
  • 2018: Mya Tam, Roseti Degli Abruzzi Cup, Italy: 3rd place AA, 2nd place clubs and ribbon.
  • 2018: Mya Tam, Luxembourg Cup: 2nd place AA, 1st place clubs and 2nd place rope.
  • 2019: Gemma Gow, Slovenia: 1st place AA, 1st place rope, 2and place ball and clubs.
  • 2019: Mya Tam, Poland: 1st place AA and clubs and 2nd place ball
  • 2019: Gemma Gow, Poland: 2nd place AA, 1st place ribbon and 2nd place ball.
  • 2020: Gemma Gow, Miss Valentine Estonia: 2nd place AA, clubs, rope and ball, 3rd place ribbon.
  • 2020: Gemma Gow, Tart cup, Czech Republic: 5th place AA, 2nd place clubs. 

National Team Members

  • Ada Moisescu (Salie) – 2006 Junior National Team
  • Elektra Markogiannakis 2008 Senior National Team
  • Mya Tam – 2020 Junior National Team
  • Gemma Gow – 2020 Junior National Team

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