Rising Stars 2 – Gymnastics Classes For 7+ Years Old

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Virtual and In Person Gymnastics Classes

The Rising Stars is our recreational weekly class program. Kids have online classes or in gym classes once per week. This program is designed for girls who want to experience the beauty and joy of rhythmic gymnastics, in a fun, challenging but encouraging setting. Our Rising Stars remote and on-site classes are structured by age and skill level. Our instructors modify the skills based on the kids’ ability, such that everyone feels challenged but nobody is overwhelmed.



Step into an engaging environment in which the beginner gymnast can explore the basics of rhythmic gymnastics using props such as balls, scarves, or stuffed animals. Our coaches lead gymnasts through stretches, body skills, and apparatus tricks, improving the child’s strength, flexibility, and coordination. These online and in gym classes are centered on acquiring basic techniques, but we also work on learning fun skills like bridges, splits, candlesticks, and handstands. Through games, contests, dances, and one on one interaction, your child will be inspired to practice more and keep moving!

Sample Skills Learned:

  • Splits
  • Bridge with leg up
  • Handstand, candlestick
  • A-Level turns, balances, and jumps
  • Ball tosses, rolls, bounces
  • Rope jumping
  • Oversplits
  • Bridges/walkovers
  • A and B level turns, balance, jumps with apparatus
  • Tosses, rolls, bounces
  • Dances and routines

Equipment Needed:

  • Jump rope (recommended)
  • Black leotard and shorts or leggings
  • If practicing at home, you will need a starter kit (rope, ball, ribbon)

Hyde Park Schedule

Waltham Schedule

Westborough Schedule