Ionela Bobrischew

Head Coach,Elite Team

I started rhythmic at a young age, and through hard work and perseverance, became National Champion of Romania, as well as a National Team member. I’ve been teaching rhythmic since 2002 – at the moment I am an elite coach and junior national team coach for team USA. During my career as a coach, I’ve raised countless national champions. At the moment I am coach of two Junior National team members. In the past, I have coached three senior national team members- two for team USA, and one for Canada. I have a degree in sports management. I love everything about coaching. The training process, the skill progression, the creative process, and the daily structure of it. There is never a dull moment in rhythmic, and the fact that we can always improve and learn something new everyday makes it really different from other careers. I love to see the girls grow up with this sport and how it becomes part of their lives and stays with them forever.

Languages: English, Romanian,  Spanish