Kyla Sullivan

Rising Stars Coach

I grew up in Rhode Island, where I spent every and any moment I was able to in the gym doing gymnastics. I competed up to Level 8 in artistic gymnastics before injuring my back. I came in 1st at Sectionals and Regionals two years in a row during the peak of my competitive career. Growing up, I breathed gymnastics, I would have lived in the gym if I could. I’ve coached gymnastics since my teens. I now have a very energetic six year old daughter who you may see from time to time in the gym. 
I love coaching, I love seeing my students’ progress! Whether it’s tiny steps or big strides, everyone improves at their own pace, I’ll always support them and cheer them on. I love incorporating an element of fun, and giving the option of a challenge during my classes so my students are aware there is something for everyone while in class. Along with coaching gymnastics, I am a barre instructor, which I love because it reminds me so much of gymnastics strength conditioning. I mentor and advocate for mothers in all walks of life. Coaching, barre, and mentoring are my passions in life, I love supporting one and all!