Nastya Tolstoy

Rising Stars Coach

I started doing rhythmic gymnastics in 2013 and joined the Boston Rhythmic staff team in 2014 as an assistant coach. Growing up I engaged in lots of different activities, but I fell in love with rhythmic gymnastics instantly. I love competing and I participate in many local and regional events.  My favorite was the international Boston Cup. Most recently I was crowned state champion in the Xcel D category in February 2020. I started assisting coaching before I even started high school and I was one of the youngest coaches on the Boston Rhythmic team. During the past few years, I coached a wide range of students- from preschool to summer camp to recreational to even some of the Junior Olympic team, and I loved all of them. I take my job very seriously and I welcome every new challenge. I am excited about taking on new responsibilities.. I love working with kids – whether it is tutoring math, teaching rhythmic gymnastics, or just talking about their day. I am very proud to see the progress of the kids I coach, but the best feeling is to see their pride when they see and feel the progress themselves!

Languages: English, Russian