Mila Linford

JO Team Ballet Teacher

My life is a global adventure; I was born in the USSR, and since then I lived in Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the USA. I love education, and if I had the time, I would be a permanent student in all the Universities in the World… But so far academically, I have obtained two Masters Degrees; one in Fine Arts (Dance), and the second in Management.

My work experience is quite extensive, from teaching ballet and gymnastics, directing a dance department, to owning a dance company. Throughout my professional career I was honored to work with remarkable, distinguished people. The field of my working experience is vast. Not only was I teaching dance and gymnastics in a special Art and Sports school, but also on the higher academic University level. With my dance company, and as an independent coach I participated in multiple National and International Dance and Rhythmic Gymnastics Competitions.

My desire and goal is to enrich our gymnasts’ training by introducing specialized ballet classes and helping them improve their technical and artistic skills.

I love to explore the world, meet interesting people, learn about new cultures, share my knowledge with other people, and acquire new experiences. Traveling, studying, reading, writing, fashion, astrology, psychology, and fitness, are my hobbies and passions. Life is school, and every day, we have a life lesson.

Languages: English, Russian