Cindy Lu

I was a 5-time former National Team member, and competitive highlights include being the 2014 Pacific Rim gold medalist, 2014 National Qualifiers champion, 2-time Junior Olympic Champion, 1-time silver medalist, and 3-time bronze medalist at Nationals. Throughout my career, I represented the US internationally in several World Cups, International tournaments and Grand Prix. I’ve won international titles such as the 2011 Amsterdam Masters International Tournament, the 2009 Torneo de Espinho, and 2008 Mol Cup. After retirement, I attended Stanford and earned both undergraduate and master’s degrees in Finance and Operations Research, respectively. In addition to coaching, I am also starting my career as a research economist.  

I find coaching, teaching and mentoring so rewarding. I love making my little gymnasts smile, helping them reach their goals, breaking things down step-by-step, and problem-solving. With patience and positive reinforcement, I wish to be a guide for all my girls on their journey toward becoming better athletes and strong, independent women.   

Languages: English (fluent), Chinese (fluent), Russian (intermediate)