My Rhythmic Journey …

One of my greatest pleasures running this business is meeting our new families,  getting to know you and sharing with you a bit about my Rhythmic journey…  Surprisingly, I am a math teacher by education. I did not grow up doing gymnastics, although I am Romanian and I’m from Nadia Comaneci generation. 

My name is Smaranda Albeck and I am the founder and Executive Director of Rhythmic Dreams and Boston Rhythmic. I would like to welcome all our families, veterans or new, to our large rhythmic community! Since this year’s circumstances are making it difficult to meet everyone in person, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself, my journey here and our school.

The inspiration… the seed…

In many ways, I am probably no different than you,  just a loving parent totally dedicated to my kids, their well being, and their success in life. My three kids are my biggest accomplishment and the motivation for everything I do. This is what moved me to leave a consulting career that I loved, but which kept me away from home, on the road all week, and in front of the computer for long hours. The summer of 2002 I started Rhythmic Dreams, a non-profit rhythmic gymnastics school, to support my daughter’s love for this beautiful sport. She was 11 years old at the time and people said she had talent. I didn’t know much – I am not a gymnast or a dancer, but I loved watching her perform and wanted to support her in her passion.  

While rhythmic gymnastics was a little-known sport in the US at the time, I had big dreams and a bold vision of what this sport could become. It was such a beautiful blend of athletic skill and graceful dance, with the added excitement of acrobatic skills and apparatus. The ribbon and the ball stole my heart at first sight! I wanted to make rhythmic gymnastics available to every child in the Boston area and, of course, offer my own daughter the quality training, facilities, professional staff and support that she needed to thrive in her rhythmic career. 

This is how Rhythmic Dreams was born…  a name that fueled my imagination and gave me so much hope!

Did you know that dreams come true? Especially Rhythmic Dreams!

Over the years, one by one… I was blessed to see many rhythmic dreams come true. I got to travel with my daughter all over the US and other countries, watching her blossom as a gymnast and become a US Junior National Team member in 2006.  

Rhythmic gymnastics for all!…

Our programs grew and Boston Rhythmic was born in 2015 to allow us to serve more kids and expand in other locations around Boston:  Needham in 2014, Watertown in 2015, Westborough in 2016, and worldwide through our Online program in 2020.  I loved seeing our two mottos fuel our growth: we “empower children to reach beyond what they think is possible” and we are “rhythmic gymnastics for all!”  With the addition of our adult program in 2013 and boys’ rhythmic in 2017 we are striving to make our programs truly available to everyone.

Is it too late to start?

Often times parents ask me: “Does my child have talent and potential for this sport? Is it too late to start?”  I can confidently tell you that it is never too late, and everyone has potential- potential to develop confidence through the practice of a beautiful sport that brings out self expression, helps us find a voice, stand up tall, and reach boldly for our dreams. We learn through daily practice that perseverance and hard work can help us reach any goal we set our mind to! 

You CAN do it!…

About our coaching philosophy…  In our classes, there is no such thing as “I can’t do it”! Our staff are trained to empower your kids through positive coaching – not to pressure or push them, but empower them by sharing the vision of what they could become. Our classes are a beautiful blend of love and discipline, high standards and support, professional instruction and fun, that will help your child acquire skills fast and be eager to learn more.

Each child has a place, and a path…

As they navigate through our programs, your kids will feel at home regardless if they choose to practice this sport for fun and fitness, once or twice a week,  or take it more seriously and join one of our teams.  Our entire school of 500+ students comes together in a large celebration in June of each year,  “Rhythmic Around the World”, a festival celebrating our amazing diversity through music, dance and costumes.  In our last edition of our show we had 56 countries represented! 

Our values- our pillars…

In everything we do, we are guided by our core values: integrity, quality, and team spirit. These values have fueled our school to thrive and grow over the years and create a strong, supportive community and alumni network. Many of our former students continue into teaching gymnastics or dance. Many of our families stay close for years after their retirement from their competitive careers. 

Beyond rhythmic gymnastics…

We set children on a path to success and we are proud to watch them grow, embark on professional careers and become wonderful parents.  This sport gently shapes the body and strengthens character over the years. There is no more rewarding task for me than to write a college recommendation letter for our students and see them become strong,  beautiful people!

We are family…

I hope my words above give you a sense of who I am and what led me here, my motivation and my commitment to our students – your kids.  I love our large family at Boston Rhythmic and Rhythmic Dreams and am very proud of the community we created. 

I would love to get to know more about you, your kids, your family, so please write back and share with me a bit about yourself. Also, would love to hear what made you choose our program. I know you have many options for your kids’ education and I am deeply grateful for your trust in us.  Thank you for your investment in their health and well being,  for your commitment to offering them the best! I know they will be happy with us,  they will be challenged, they will grow and learn while having lots of fun!

I hope you will feel at home, valued, and appreciated, and that you will always feel comfortable to reach out with your questions, ideas, or concerns.

I welcome you with an open heart,


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