BR Newsletter, March 9 2021


March 9, 2021

Volume 2, No. 0009

Dear Boston Rhythmic Family,

First of all, I’d like to acknowledge our amazing women in our community – the moms, grandmas, gymnasts and coaches! March 8 is the International Women’s Day! This is a big day in many of our countries of origin, so I want to acknowledge this special day when we celebrate the beautiful women in our lives. We are grateful to you and all you do to support your daughters in their pursuit of their own rhythmic dreams! I hope today you felt loved, celebrated and joyful!

The month of March is busy for us every year, with many competitions underway! You will see in our newsletters and on our social media wonderful posts about all the events we participate in.

I want to make a special invitation to our younger gymnasts – EVERYONE can register for the Living Room Extravaganza! Please don’t miss this opportunity to show off your skills, get direct, live feedback and feel proud of what you learned this year! Please see details below and register.

Everyone is eligible!

NEW THIS MONTH: We are launching our Gymnast of the Month program – with four wonderful students acknowledged every month. So hard to choose from the 20+ nominated gymnasts. So many words of praise from the coaches! We are looking for positive attitude, strong character, friendly and helpful team mate, great leadership skills and of course, progress in class. See below the four winners of this special award.

Last, but most special to me… Moms, don’t forget to come try our adult class on Sunday, Monday, Thursday or Friday – we are having a lot of fun!

Love to all,

Boston Rhythmic Founder & Executive Director
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New Classes Added!

Gymnast of the month!

Over the weekend we delivered the GYMNAST OF THE MONTH lawn signs to four deserving girls! We picked four, one for each category:

– junior olympic team
– xcel team
– performance team
– recreational program

Mia D’Souza – Level 8
Tani Zhao – Xcel
Joyee Schmidt – Performance Team
Charlotte Connelly – Rising Stars Online

New Unlimited program for Adults!

So proud of these ladies for showing up to class to improve their flexibility, coordination and learn some fun tricks with apparatus!

Try an adult class

Last chance to register!

The Living Room Extravaganza is for EVERYONE, ALL our recreational students are encouraged to participate!

Competitions help our gymnasts stay motivated, work towards a goal, and feel involved in the community. Although this competition was created from hearing feedback from our online families, it is open to ALL gymnasts.

Date: Sunday, March 14th!
Time: 2-3:30pm
Location: Online on Zoom
For: All levels!
How: Each gymnast will have a 3 minute time slot, during which they will perform:

  • Rising Stars, Performance Team, Xcel and L3: 3 skills and 2 masteries, 30 sec self-made routine, $25

  • Levels 4-6: 5 skills, 3 masteries and 45 sec self-made routine, $30

Register: through the App in the Calendar

Check out last year’s Extravaganza video!

Register for Extravaganza Now

In the Spotlight: Ella, level 8

Our Boston Rhythmic family is full of wonderful examples of growth, resilience, learning, transformation, and leadership… In this regular newsletter column, we are sharing the story and growth of one of our team gymnasts and the lessons she learned along the way. They are all wonderful role models for our younger athletes!

We asked Ella, Level 8, to share a few insights into her gymnastics life and her growth as an athlete. Read what Ella shared with us in our blog post!

Read now

Competition Results

Some of our team girls recently had the pleasure to virtually travel to… CROATIA!

In this competition, we met clubs from: Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Croatia (host country), Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Monaco, Serbia, South Korea, Sweden, Turkey and from our own Boston Rhythmic club in the USA!

Congratulations to coach Iliana and gymnasts Isabella, Polina and Karina for the beautiful performance and results! Keep up the great work!

COVID Reminder

Please remember: Masks need to be ON at all times while you are in the gym.

If you have been in contact with a COVID positive person, please let us know immediately so we can instruct you on what you need to do before you can return to the gym (in most cases, we will require a negative test or a 2-week quarantine).

We hope all our kids, staff, and their families stay healthy and safe while enjoying their rhythmic gymnastics classes.

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