Come Alive Music Video!

Here it is! COME ALIVE! The newest release by Rockwell and Litvin is a music video created by the Boston Rhythmic students and staff!

Come dance with us on this song that so beautifully showcases all that Boston Rhythmic is – a big family of like-minded people, who value wellbeing, positivity and fun! We love raising kids with strong characters, open minds, healthy bodies and a BIG SMILE on their faces! This is who we are!

These inspiring lyrics give us hope and help us to stay positive, and never give up! The catchy music gets us off the chair and makes us move, shake, stay active and dance, dance, dance together!

Thank you, Rockwel and Litvin for this amazing song and for the rights to use it in this music video! Thank you Clint Salter for making this all possible!

Thank you to all our April Camp families who participated to the creation of this beautiful video and special thanks to our coaches and especially to our own Leila for putting all this together!

Our community is bursting with talent and we love to showcase it!


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