Please share Smaranda’s message below with your kids and their friends and let’s celebrate the beauty of Rhythmic Gymnastics together!

Bring a friend to gym this month and earn the chance to win a FREE PHOTOSHOOT! Due to COVID capacity restrictions, pre-registration is required for all friends to attend class. Space is limited.

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January is Friendship month

Bring a Friend to the gym

Posted by Facebook on January 7,2021


Hello Friends,

I am here to make an announcement: January is Friendship Month at Boston Rhythmic. The past 12 months have been full of twists and turns… and the reality, as we knew it, has changed so many times. Every single time I ask myself the same question… how do we respond to this? And every time I come to the same conclusion… we respond to this by doing what we do best:

We teach Rhythmic gymnastics.

We provide a safe haven for the hundreds of students that we serve.

We’ve been told so many times over the past 12 months that we saved the sanity of our students and our families.

We had so many reasons to stop, to quit, but we don’t quit, we are gymnasts. We don’t give up. We keep on doing what we do, and we do it better.

We teach resilience.

We teach focus.

We teach our kids that when life gets tough, we stand together, we get resourceful, and we find solutions together.

We look for the beauty in everything around us – there is a golden nugget in everything, there is a silver lining every time.

We do what we tell our kids to do every single day in the gym. We focus on what we can control, and we do it better.

We bring love to the table, we bring generosity, we bring trust and hope.
Such important values that I know every single one of our families embrace! Let’s spread the love, let’s spread the joy and hope to everyone around us!

January is Friendship Month at Boston Rhythmic and we want to celebrate it with all of you! Share your love for rhythmic gymnastics with a friend!

Do an act of kindness to a stranger.
Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time.
Spread the joy and hope, happiness and fun to everyone around you.

This is who we are.

This is who YOU are.

All of you said that the gym is your second home, that our community is your second family, we are so grateful to be that place for you…

Today, more than ever, our kids need this safe haven and the support of our rhythmic family, the stability and connection gymnastics brings to their lives. I hope you will join me in spreading this message of hope, love and joy.

Of course, we need to keep things safe for all of our children. So as many of our classes are at capacity due to COVID restrictions, we may not be able to accommodate your friends in your class, so please talk to us before you bring a friend to the gym because we want to make sure everybody is safe. We are happy to create new events, both online and in the gym, to accommodate everybody and to allow us to spread the joy of rhythmic gymnastics with everybody.

I’m wishing you all a fabulous first month of 2021, full of joy, love and hope!

Smaranda Maria Albeck
Boston Rhythmic Founder & Executive Director
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