BR Newsletter, April 13 2021


April 13, 2021

Volume 2, No. 0014

Dear Boston Rhythmic Family,

It is that time of the year when we plan for our SUMMER SHOW – and I am so excited to announce that this year we are planning an “in person” experience for everyone! To keep things safe and comfortable for everyone, we are splitting the kids into SIX shows over the entire weekend of June 19-20, a monumental task for our staff and coaches. But, we are ready to work hard and put all our talent and commitment to test. We know you and your kids will be so proud of the final product – despite all the challenges this year… we are determined to give these hard working girls and boys a day to remember! Everyone who participates in the show will get a beautiful end-of-year trophy, so well deserved!

Each class will represent a country, with costumes, music and choreography inspired by the culture of that country. The purpose of our show is to showcase not just the talent of our kids and the beauty of the sport, but to also expose our children to different cultures, help them appreciate the beauty of each country, the richness and diversity of the world! It’s a treat for the eye and the soul, and everyone leaves our shows inspired and a little more accepting and understanding. The theme of our summer show aligns so well with our core values and the culture of our school. We hope you will ALL participate proudly – preschool to adults, recreational to teams, in-gym and online, everyone is included!

If you are interested in a more rigorous program for next year, don’t miss our Team Try-outs coming up! First opportunity, this coming Saturday, April 17 – please see details below. We have several teams to fill for the Summer and Fall: Performance Team, Xcel Team, Junior Olympic Team, Breakdancing Team. If interested, please register for the try-out this Saturday or sign up for the April camp, Space is VERY limited on the teams so please reach out ASAP if interested.

We wish everyone a wonderful Spring!


Boston Rhythmic Founder & Executive Director
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April Break – No Classes!

Just a reminder that next week (April 19-25) we are on April Break! That means no no regular classes. We are running April camp if you want your child to socialize, keep moving and engaged!

There is only a couple spots in Recreational camp and you can still register for Team Camps with coaches Masha and Iliana!

Team camp: Join us to polish your routines before the Regional and National competitions! We hope everyone on the team will join us for a few days!

Register: through the Boston Rhythmic Mobile App in the Calendar

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Gymnasts of the Month – April!

Congratulations to our beautiful and hard-working gymnasts:

Amelia, Level 4, Westborough gym. Amelia stands out through her endless positive attitude in training, constant smile on her face and hard work. She’s always on time, does not miss a class, and does not give up in the face of many changes and challenges this past year! When working hard, great results show up! Amelia placed first in the MA State Championship, April 2021! Keep working hard, Amelia!

Mabel, Level 4. Mabel is one of the most dedicated and committed girls. Always pays attention to every correction and never gets distracted. Mabel is very patient and works the hardest. She doesn’t give up after 1,10, even a 100 fails. She gets her results as she achieves the skills that seemed impossible a few months ago. Keep up the great work, Mabel!

Daniella, Performance Team. Daniella is one of our most enthusiastic Future Stars in the gym! She is ready to try any new skills, always with a smile on her face and never wants to go home at the end of the class. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and her progress this year is just impressive, given her very young age! Great job, Daniella!

Julia, Level 7. This humble girl is everyone’s friend and we all love her so much! The gym is literally her second home and her team is her second family! Friendly, helpful and kind with everyone, Julia’s strong and beautiful character is a great role model for our younger team members. Keep sharing your love, talent and beauty with the world, Julia!

Team try-outs: this Saturday!

Who: Girls born 2013-2015

If you’re ready to join our strong and talented team, come for try outs this Saturday, April 17th at 3:30-4:30pm in Watertown Gym, $10!

On our competitive and performance teams, we aim to teach proper gymnastics technique, improve flexibility, and develop physical and mental strength. Through gymnastics, we teach self-esteem, dedication, self-discipline, poise, grace, leadership, time management, and team spirit. Our teams is a serious year-round commitment and a lot of hard work. Our team members train 3-5 days per week and attend a minimum of 4 weeks of summer camp.

To register for Try-outs, head over to the Boston Rhythmic Mobile App and click on the event in the Calendar.

Register for try-outs

Summer Camp

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Get excited for the Summer Show!

Our coaches and gymnasts are already planning our end-of-year show! An annual tradition at Boston Rhythmic, our “Rhythmic Around the World” summer show will take you on a colorful journey through many countries, and showcasing our rich and diverse community. We are so proud of our annual show and the beautiful costumes, choreography, music and dance! A treat for the entire family!

Everyone will participate! We will accommodate online students and will create a safe space for everyone to enjoy and participate in the show!

Save the date – June 19-20!

Success Story

From Jessie’s mom: “I remember seeing the competition posters hanging in the gym when we first signed up a year ago and thinking how much Jessie would enjoy going to a competition to watch others compete. Never did I think she’d be doing this herself one year later!”

Jessie joined our school just a few days before we closed for the pandemic. Instead of asking for a refund, Jessie added more classes and for the next few months she trained from home almost every day! Her love for the sport motivated her to try more and work harder. She spent a couple of brief months in our Xcel program and then we invited her join our level 3 team.

So proud of Jessie and how far she came in just 12 months! One of the youngest gymnasts on our team, she trains and competes with a huge smile on her face!

Keep working hard and reach for the stars, Jessie!

Regional Championship Dates

MAY 1-2, 2021- Level 4-5 & Beginner Groups
This will be a virtual event.

MAY 22-23, 2021 – Level 6-8
This will be potentially a hybrid meet. Athletes in person, Judges partial live and partial virtual.

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