BR Newsletter, May 25 2021

Newsletter May 25, 2021 Volume 2, No. 0019 Dear Parents, I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather and the last days of tr

BR Newsletter, May 19 2021

Newsletter May 19, 2021 Volume 2, No. 0018 Dear Boston Rhythmic Family, I can’t believe we are so close to the end of th

BR Newsletter, May 12 2021

Newsletter May 12, 2021 Volume 2, No. 0017 Dear Boston Rhythmic Family, With much excitement and anticipation I am writing to

BR Newsletter, April 21 2021

Newsletter April 20, 2021 Volume 2, No. 0015 Dear Boston Rhythmic Family, Enjoy the sunshine and spring activities during this

BR Newsletter, April 13 2021

Newsletter April 13, 2021 Volume 2, No. 0014 Dear Boston Rhythmic Family, It is that time of the year when we plan for our SUM

Meet your coach Masha

Some of you already know Masha, our Xcel and Levels 3-5 coach! Masha is originally a dancer from Ukraine. She is a complete pa

BR Newsletter, March 30 2021

Newsletter March 30, 2021 Volume 2, No. 0012 Dear Boston Rhythmic Family, I am excited about the arrival of spring, with all t

BR Newsletter, March 24 2021

Newsletter March 24, 2021 Volume 2, No. 0011 Dear Boston Rhythmic Family, I am very excited to announce our Summer Camp regist

BR Newsletter, February 22 2021

NEWSLETTER February 22, 2021 Volume 2, No. 0007 Dear Boston Rhythmic Friends, I am just in awe with how beautiful our family i

BR Newsletter, February 16 2021

NEWSLETTER February 16, 2021 Volume 2, No. 0006 Dear Boston Rhythmic Friends, February is the Month of Love at Boston Rhythmic