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BR Newsletter, January 11 2020

NEWSLETTER January 11, 2021 Volume 2, No. 0001 Dear Boston Rhythmic Family, Happy New Year! I hope your return to gym was as e

BR Newsletter, December 14 2020

NEWSLETTER December 14, 2020 Volume I, No. 0021 Dear Boston Rhythmic Family, Wishing everyone a happy holiday season with your

BR Newsletter, December 7 2020

NEWSLETTER December 7, 2020 Volume I, No. 0020 Dear Boston Rhythmic Family, 2020 has certainly taken a lot of things from us,

BR Newsletter, November 23 2020

NEWSLETTER November 23, 2020 Volume I, No. 0018 Dear Boston Rhythmic Family, It is hard to believe that we are at the end of N

BR Newsletter, November 16 2020

NEWSLETTER November 16, 2020 Volume I, No. 0017 This week – Parent Appreciation Week! This Parent Appreciation week we w

BR Newsletter, November 9 2020

NEWSLETTER November 9, 2020 Volume I, No. 0016 Dear Parents, Thank you so much for your incredible support during two large ev

BR Newsletter, November 3 2020

NEWSLETTER November 3, 2020 Volume I, No. 0015 Dear Parents, This month is all about GRATITUDE… We want to start this we

BR Newsletter, October 26 2020

NEWSLETTER October 26, 2020 Volume I, No. 0014 Dear Parents, This week is all about FUN in the gyms and on the screens! Hallow

BR Newsletter, October 19 2020

NEWSLETTER October 19, 2020 Volume I, No. 0013 Dear Friends, Oh, so much going on! October continues to be the month of connec