BR Newsletter, September 21 2020


September 21, 2020

Volume I, No. 0009
Dear Friends,

Now that all of our programs are well underway and more than 350 kids are happily practicing both in gym and in our remote programs, I’d like to take a moment to welcome everyone again to our school! It’s a challenging year for everyone, but our gymnasts are strongest than ever and proud to be practicing the sport they love!  

Governor Baker’s office has named gymnastics as one of the lowest risk activities the kids can engage in during this time :). We are very proud and happy that officials are recognizing the great benefits and low risk of gymnastics!  

Thank you for giving your kids the gift of confidence, fitness and fun through our programs!

Please make sure your kids are prepared for class – you know the schedules, have the zoom links prepared (Install the phone app if you haven’t yet), purchase their uniform and apparatus they need and make sure they arrive on time for every class.

Parents, we love having you around and chatting with you, but these are the times… we need to ask you to drop off your kids for class, and wait in the car. So sorry we cannot welcome you in our waiting area as we always did… and we hope things will change for the better, soon.

We thank you for all your support and we are excited to embark with you on another year-long gymnastics adventure!

Boston Rhythmic
Founder & Executive Director
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FREE Rhythmic Dance on Saturdays

NEW! Rhythmic Dance is a mix of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dance! Kids will learn a mix of gymnastics skills and dance moves! The gymnastics part includes stretching, balances, and acro skills. Kids will be able to gain confidence and find their own creative voice through freestyle and dance expression!

This could be a great additional class for those enthusiastic gymnasts who are looking for more opportunities to express themselves and perform on music!

Head over to to book this fun free class! Every Saturday, 3-3:30pm on Zoom!

National Gymnastics Day!

September 19th, 2020 was a National Gymnastics day! Check out this cool video made for National Gymnastics day by our Elite Team members!

Live Stage Event

We have hosted a lovely 30-minute sample class with our awesome coach Masha! A little stretching, a few basic body skills, and simple tricks with the ball, ending with a sample ball dance putting it all together. Watch a replay and get moving! 

Apparatus for classes

Due to COVID precaution procedures, we require each student to bring their own equipment to class. If you haven’t purchased yours yet, please get it here.


Please pay for leotard and rhythmic shoes online and pick up at the gym, so we can measure you and get the right fit. We still have all sizes.
Hair off the face, long hair in a tight ponytail or bun.
Purchase Uniform Here

Our Teams are finalized! 

This week we would like to introduce our youngest Needham team members, lead by coach Nastya
Xcel A:
Angela Kim, Victoria Li, Ivy Liu, Ariana Mclean-foreman, Amber Murrihy,
Angela Ning, Katherine Noel, Aanvi Simh, Abigail Song

Xcel AB:
Vivian Gunther, Chloe Kim, Lillian Miga, Emilia Ng, Gabrielle Vernikov    

Boston Rhythmic Phone App

Don’t forget to download our phone app! We will share updates, news and send important notifications that are relevant to you! You can also access your Parent Portal from the app to check the class schedule, get the links for classes and add/update your billing info!
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