BR Newsletter, November 9 2020


November 9, 2020

Volume I, No. 0016
Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your incredible support during two large events last week – our Halloween Photo Contest and our first official competition!

Our contest generated so much excitement in our community – over 50 photos submitted and over 1100 points collected by our 8 finalists! Incredible support and so much fun was had by all! Please see the award winners photos below and on our Facebook. Don’t miss the next contest, anyone can participate, even Grandma! 🙂 Details below.

Our first competition last weekend was a wild success! Over 60 kids from our team participated! We are very grateful for the parents’ support we received during this major event! You brought your kids in time, prepared and following all safety rules. You contributed your time helping at the event and with donations for goodie bags and special prizes, flowers and lunch for coaches! Thank you so much for all the contributions, we are so blessed to have such a generous community! In such a supportive, well-organized atmosphere, our kids shined and performed so well! Everyone completed their routines with a smile on their face and our team secured several first places in all levels of the competition! We competed against several teams in California, judged online via Zoom. A novel experience for all, but we loved it so much, we can’t wait to do it again! Congratulations to all kids, parents, coaches and organizers!

I hope you all will take the time to read the details below, watch the videos from the competition with your kids, and participate with your families in the Edible Art contest! Lots of yummy local prizes by local businesses which we would love to support! If you know of other restaurants or other businesses which would like to participate in our contest, please let me know.

I would like to invite all of you to schedule a time with me to let me know how your kids are doing in our program and ask any questions.

Thank you,

Smaranda Maria Albeck

Boston Rhythmic
Founder & Executive Director

Veterans Day Minicamp!

November 11:
Schools are closed, we are open!  Let your kids spend a fun morning with friends from the gym. We will learn new tricks, fine-tune our routines and learn new stretching and body technique that will help us in class and competitions later on!  Masks are mandatory and COVID protocols are strictly observed.

Watertown gym:  8:30-12:30, $70 – includes gymnastics, dance and Paint Club!
Needham gym:  10:00-1:00pm, $50 Levels 7-10 with Ionela

Masks mandatory, strict COVID protocols.
Register Now

First Online Competition of the season!

Please take a moment to watch – and show your kids – some videos from last weekend’s competition organized by BRG in California! Over 60 of our gymnasts ages 5 to 14yo proudly performed their routines and showed what they learned in the past few short months. Some of these kids trained exclusively online since April, so it was quite impressive to see how well they adjusted to performing their routines on the large carpet! Congratulations to coaches Iliana, Ada, Masha, Maria, Lydia, Serena, Cindy and Michelle for their amazing work with our teams! So proud of everyone!

More photos on our Facebook pages coming up soon! 
Level 3 Needham
Level 3 Watertown
Level 4 Watertown
Level 4-8 Needham
Level 5 Watertown
Level 6 Watertown
Level 7 Watertown
Xcel BC Watertown
Xcel BC Watertown

Edible Art Contest!

Nutrition is so important for a growing body – and especially for gymnasts!  We want to put a FUN spin on this and offer our kids and parents the opportunity to be creative in the kitchen, or at the farm. Enter your photos in the competition to be eligible for one of our amazing and delicious prizes offered by local businesses and restaurants! Shop local – support your town restaurants and businesses and have some fun in the process!

TAKE A PHOTO – any photo that involves food and gymnastics in some way!

1. Post your photo on Facebook or Instagram
2. In your Post include @BostonRhythmic and #BostonRhythmicContest

Prizes from many participating local businesses (more will be added during the week): Volante Farms, Moldova Restaurant, Waltham Pizza, The Barn Family Shoe Store, and more coming up!

Deadline: November 15th!

Online Extravaganza

All team kids, any level – Performance, Xcel or JO Teams – especially those training exclusively at home – please don’t forget to register for our skills competition coming up! Competitions help gymnasts stay motivated, work towards a goal, and feel involved in the community! This event is designed to be FUN for the gymnasts, and EASY for your family!

Date: November 22
Who: All team kids, any level
Where: From home, on Zoom!
Cost:  $29/child
Prizes: One winner per age group/level will receive a $25 gift card
How to register:  on our phone app here – Click on Calendar, and then click Online Extravaganza on November 22nd. 

What you need to prepare: 5 body skills and 3 apparatus handling skills, plus a 30-second self-choreographed routine focused on creativity, dance, and expression.

Register for Online Extravaganza

Costume Contest Winners!

  • 1st place: Iliana’s team, 450 points, $100 cash prize!!
  • 2nd place: Hope team, 337 points, we will mail a surprise apparatus gift.
  • 3rd place: Victor’s boys, 103 points, ice cream party with Hadicha next Thursday!
  • Highest solo photo: Hadicha, 82 points, ice cream party with the boys, next Thursday!
Congratulations to all who played, we absolutely LOVED the friendly competition spirit and the high community involvement! Never did we expect to have so many participants in costumes and so many voters! Over 1100 total votes were received between all photos, from all over the world!!!
Keep having fun with Rhythmic Gymnastics!
We love you all!!

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