BR Newsletter, March 30 2021


March 30, 2021

Volume 2, No. 0012

Dear Boston Rhythmic Family,

I am excited about the arrival of spring, with all the exciting events that come along with it:

The MA State Championship is this weekend – good luck to all our 60+ team members who are competing! You worked hard, during a season full of uncertainties… but you prevailed and we are very proud of you for arriving here! Our team of gymnasts, coaches and parents is absolutely amazing, and I am very grateful for each of you! Enjoy the competition experience, smile big and be proud – you totally deserve it!

Our preparations for Summer Camp bring us so much excitement and joy! It’s really our favorite time of the year! Don’t delay reserving your spot, some groups/levels are already full!

I am super excited about our new Mini Hoops program for toddlers and their moms! It will be a lot of fun! A combination of gymnastics, music and dance, it will sure bring a huge smile on your face! Join us this week for an Open House (details below)

Enjoy the warm weather and colors of Spring and thank you for being part of our awesome big family!


Boston Rhythmic Founder & Executive Director
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$25 bonus – 2 days left!

Both you, and your friend will receive a $25 credit to your account if your friend registers for a Rhythmic Gymnastics class at Boston Rhythmic by March 31. Unlimited offer, bring as many friends as you want and you will get credit for each of them!!

Your friend should be NEW to our program and list your name as a referral when they create their new account HERE.

NEW! Mini Hoops Program!

Boston Rhythmic’s new morning program for kids 2-4yo! Only 8 spots per class!

We will explore new ways to stretch, move and play through gymnastics, music, yoga and dance!

Moms will get a good stretch and workout (we hope you like that bonus!) and the littles will work on balance, flexibility, coordination and body skills.

Our spacious, impeccable, fun and bright facility will give your toddler a lot of room to run, dance, jump, explore and just have FUN!


Wednesday March 31, 10-10:45 am and 11:15-12 pm
Thursday April 1, 10-10:45 am and 11:15-12pm

Plus half hour of free play and socializing after the class!

Sign up for Open House

Meet Your Coach Masha!

Some of you already know Masha, our Xcel and Levels 3-5 coach! Masha is originally a dancer from Ukraine. She is a complete package including endless talent, positive coaching and a strong character besides many other beautiful qualities. We bet you didn’t know these little facts about her!

Here are 5 things you might not know about coach Masha:

  1. Her favorite apparatus is ball

  2. Masha’s favorite thing about teaching gymnastics is that she can help the girls to do what they thought they couldn’t. Seeing their growing confidence and motivation is what gives Masha inspiration. Also she love seeing how over the year little girls are becoming graceful and elegant gymnasts and find their style.

  3. One thing Masha doesn’t like is gossiping

  4. Masha is scared of all kinds of insects

  5. Masha’s favorite food is watermelon, cheese brie, dried mango, her grandma’s potato pie

Summer Camp Registration is now open!

Space limited to 10 kids per group, so do not delay!

Where: Watertown Gym
4-6 yo, 7-10 yo
June 14 – September 3 – 12 weeks packed with learning and fun!!
Hours: 8:30am – 4pm
Extended hours: 8am – 6pm
How to register:

  • create an account HERE

  • add each week of camp you want to add as a separate class

Gymnastics, dance, arts and crafts, outdoor games, weekly and daily themes, weekly show!

We can’t wait for the summer!

Register for Summer Camp

April Vacation Camp

Only a couple of spots left got April Vacation Camp!

Fees: $250/week ($60/day only available to team kids)
Coaches: Kyla, Masha, Iliana
Register: through the App in the Calendar

Register for April Camp

Tempo Rhythmic Gymnastics Xcel Virtual Competition 2021

Tempo Rhythmic Gymnastics is inviting us to join their first ever competition, which this year will be a virtual competition via video submissions for Rhythmic Xcel Teams.

This Competition is video submission only. We will record the routines in the gym and send to the competition organizers.

Who: Xcel Team
Registration deadline: April 13th
Video uploads deadline: Sunday, May 9th.
Routines will be evaluated the week of May 10th and 15th.
Fees: $65 for one routine, $115 for two routines
Register: In the app on the Calendar


Thank You!

We love when students are showing their love and support for us!

MA State Championship This Weekend!

Friday, April 2d, Levels 3-4, 9:30 am – 11am

Sunday, April 4th, Levels 5-8, 9:30 am -12:55 pm

Links to watch the livestream will be provided closer to the competition!

Steel City Invitational Last Weekend!

Congratulations to our beautiful girls who competed at Steel City Invitational last weekend! Amazing results by our team! We couldn’t be more proud of every single one of you!

Regional Championship Dates

MAY 1-2, 2021- Level 4-5 & Beginner Groups
This will be a virtual event.

MAY 22-23, 2021 – Level 6-8
This will be potentially a hybrid meet. Athletes in person, Judges partial live and partial virtual.

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