Meet your coach Masha

Some of you already know Masha, our Xcel and Levels 3-5 coach! Masha is originally a dancer from Ukraine. She is a complete package including endless talent, positive coaching, and a strong character besides many other beautiful qualities. We bet you didn’t know these little facts about her!

Here are 5 things you might not know about coach Masha:

  1. Her favorite apparatus is a ball.
  2. Masha’s favorite thing about teaching gymnastics is that she can help the girls to do what they thought they couldn’t. Seeing their growing confidence and motivation is what gives Masha inspiration. Also, she loves seeing how over the year little girls are becoming graceful and elegant gymnasts and find their style.
  3. One thing Masha doesn’t like is gossiping.
  4. Masha is scared of all kinds of insects.
  5. Masha’s favorite food is watermelon, cheese brie, dried mango, her grandma’s potato pie.